Making Bitcoin deposits, exchanges and withdrawals has never been easier.

With a user-friendly interface we want you to be comfortable performing your operations. We kind of think it's as easy to use and intuitive as using your smartphone.

With state-of-the-art technology we are ready to make thousands of transactions in a single day. Our system has been modeled to be as fast as possible without neglecting security.

The engine that delivers all this power still has tools that make it easy to communicate with other companies in the industry through our ATK token.

The BXT platform offers partnerships so you can safely use your crypto using our ecosystem.

Our Features

Manage your portfolio

All your digital assets on a single platform. Take full control of your tokens by storing them in your own account.

Professional panel

A panel that includes all the information in real time, including trends and prices. A live view of deposits without the need of updating and also the total available in your wallet.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

The platform allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using ATK / BTC, all in real time.

Support and FAQ

24/7 technical support for any questions. The AI system provides automatic and secure management of your activity and your comments help us improve our service.

High Liquidity

Important partnerships and resources provide high liquidity to the platform.

Support for multiple cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies for trading pairs and also new analytical tokens to be added.

Bxtcoin calculator

Check the price of bitcoin in your local currency

About us

BXTCOIN is a global Exchange that offers several services for cryptocurrency trading, with a team of experts formed by people from different parts of the world helping our clients to make their dreams come true.

Through technology, it delivers agility, transparency, liquidity and security to its customers, providing the best experience for trading cryptocurrencies.


BTXCoin intends to be listed among the 5 best exchanges in the world and, for that, it dedicates to provide safe, professional and convenient digital currency exchange services.

BTXCoin is positioning itself in the trend of the cryptocurrency exchange sector, effectively providing a wide range of trading tools, constantly adapting to new market needs with the continuous introduction of new features. Trade in the moment, invest in the future.
Digital assets are the future and BTXCoin is your best choice.


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